Financial Freedom Programme

12 Week online programme

With worldwide upheaval affecting us all, the on-going loss of businesses and jobs, it is more important than ever to look after your money and financial well-being.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then the Financial Freedom programme is designed with you in mind.

Using 3 Key Components to Success…

you will establish clarity of vision, an easy-to-use strategy, and a positive money mindset that will help you to achieve financial freedom.

Mindset and strategy expert Sridhar Krishnamurti will take you through an intensive and practical 12-week Financial Freedom program designed to boost your path to financial independence.

In 12 weekly online live webinars and practical demonstrations, Sridhar will show you the same strategies and tools he uses himself and has shared with thousands of clients to successfully manage their money to obtain freedom.

To ensure all participants have the best chance of completing the plan and achieving financial freedom, each week Sridhar will review the process and make sure everyone completes the weekly steps.

Expand’s Promise

We are confident you will achieve life-changing results if you stay the course and implement Sridhar’s full strategy for achieving financial freedom.

“If after attending all Financial Freedom programme sessions and implementing my strategy you are not happy with the programme content, I will refund all your paid programme fees.”


Dates: 7 July – 29 sept 2021
  • Every Wednesday evening for 12 weeks, 60-75 minute sessions
  • New Zealand: 7:30 pm – 8:45 pm NZDT ( UTC +13)
  • Sydney: 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm AEDT (UTC +11)

→ INVESTMENT: $500 + GST per month x 3 payments
→ EARLYBIRD: $250 + GST per month x 3 payments paid 1 month in advance. Numbers limited.

What you will get from this programme:

1. What Financial Freedom Means for You

While most people want financial freedom, only 1% of the population actually achieve it. And most people don’t really understand what it specifically means.

During this webinar, you’ll get crystal clear focus on what financial freedom means for you.

2. Strategies for Financial Freedom

Those that achieve financial success and freedom understand money better. There are principles they’ve followed that lead them to financial freedom.

Sridhar will take you through an easy-to-use strategy designed to achieve your financial goals and enjoy the benefits of financial freedom in any economic climate.

He’ll show you the specific strategy he used to go from earning $2000 per month and not knowing how to manage money, to be in the top 2% income earners in the country within 13 years – well on the way to financial freedom with a significant investment portfolio, a profitable business and a $million+ home.

3. Developing the Financial Freedom Mindset

One of the biggest blocks to achieving financial freedom is limiting beliefs. By the time we become income-earning adults, we’ve learned many limiting and untrue beliefs that prevent us from achieving financial freedom.

You’ll explore common limiting beliefs and learn a technique to dissolve them. You’ll also learn how to align your mind with achieving the income and wealth that you want and need.

4. The Hidden Keys to Achieving Financial Freedom

One of the reasons that most people don’t achieve financial freedom is they haven’t received the right information, even from the well-intentioned and supposedly well-informed. Even experts often do not have the right information that leads to real financial freedom.

Over 80% of people have to rely on financial help when they retire. Clearly, what we were learning about finances isn’t working.

In this online programme, Sridhar will share several hidden keys to unlock financial freedom.

5. Breaking through the Barriers to Success

Many people have tried for so long and in so many ways to break through to success. Sridhar will give you the tools to help you achieve your financial aspirations and change your life.

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What Past Attendees Have Said:

I learned the true meaning of financial freedom.

In his programme, Sridhar taught the principles, methods and science of financial freedom. I have put them into place and am well on my way to getting there.

Mark Guyon

Mark Guyon

Business Owner

By following Sridhar’s strategy, we have savings banked that will enable us to get by for at least 3 months without income and are now able to look at next level savings and investment strategies.

The mindset of achieving this is priceless. Given the recent income certainty with COVID there are no sleepless nights around income and a strong desire to protect these gains.

If you have a financial goal and are getting frustrated you are not achieving it I highly recommend attending this seminar

Lynette Anderson

Lynette Anderson

Co-shareholder in Swain Woodham Insurance Group

After just six months working with Sridhar, I began to turn my financial life around.

I now have a surprising amount of money set aside and a sense of peace because I know there is money there to cover any invoice or eventuality.

Brent Collins

Brent Collins

Owner Fair Dinkum Sheds Christchurch

About the Speaker:

Sridhar Krishnamurti, Mindset and Strategy Coach. He has a bachelor’s degree in Education and Philosophy and a Diploma in Business, to name a few.

“When I started on the path to Financial Freedom 13 years ago, I was making just $25,000 a year. I dedicated myself to learning and using the strategies about wise money management and mindset to build my business and income. Having achieved Financial Freedom – with a +$1million home and healthy investment portfolio – I continue to use this process to grow wealth.

My background was not one of privilege. I was not born into money. In my mid-teens, I was experimenting with drugs. By my early twenties, I was homeless and hopelessly drug-addicted.

“Life is now very different for me. I’ve achieved freedom from addictions. Blessed with amazing teachers and clients, I’ve built a successful business helping others. I enjoy a wonderful marriage and family, it’s a life I love and value.

“It’s also a life that others can achieve. I’ve dedicated my career to helping people and businesses experience similar life-changing results, and fulfil their maximum potential.”