As New Zealanders, we may not yet know the course we are taking in the coming years, however what we do know is that it is going to be one of change.

In the first 24 hours since the election decision, my observation with clients as well as others I have spoken to is that there is a mixture of emotions. Some people are excited about the changes, while others are meeting them with anxiety or distress.

My experience with speaking with people today, and particularly those with anxiety, has prompted me to share a story of a client I worked with in regards to effectively handling change.

This particular client was a business owner and had been experiencing a good run of things for several months.

However, at a particular consult, he started out by saying “What I would like to do today is to deal with the fact that my company is about to go through a 3 month slow-down period. I’d like to look at ways I can manage this inevitable downturn.”

After my asking him why he would want to create a downturn in his business for the next three months, he responded by saying that everyone in his industry knew that the next three months were the down part of the cycle. It always occurred, there was no avoiding it, he just had to deal with it the best he could.

I suggested for him to explore what things may look like if he didn’t buy in to what others thought, perceived or took as inevitable truth, and instead intentionally created a different reality for himself and his company during these months. We explored some different thinking that he could apply, and he began to focus on this type of thinking rather than focusing negatively.

As a result, he began to generate new ideas and see opportunities he had never previously noticed. In fact, he discovered ideas and possibilities that others in his industry had always overlooked. He thought of new pathways of doing business and saw gaps in the market during these cyclical periods.

As a result, he was not only able to avoid the period of downturn for his company, but instead his company experienced some of the best results in its history over those three months.

There are equal opportunities in every change, whether we initially view them as positive or negative. If you view the current changes as positive and exciting, you will already be seeing them. If you view the changes as negative or worrisome, I would invite you to do what my client did, and ask the question, what opportunities are there in this change that I can utilise to achieve maximum results and fulfillment? It can take a bit of commitment, focus and work to find them, however it is a far more rewarding pathway (and also no more work) than succumbing to a perceived negative thought.

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