Mastermind Programme

The 12-month Mastermind Programme is for those wanting to experience major shifts in their professional and personal results

You’ll work with mindset and strategy expert Sridhar Krishnamurti, alongside other like-minded professionals, as well as on your own to achieve life-changing results.

The Mastermind programme includes:

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I can not speak highly enough of Sridhar and the Mastermind programme.

For a year prior to joining Mastermind, I worked on a personal programme with Sridhar. Combined with Mastermind, they have transformed many aspects of my life. I have experienced growth in my business and personal life. My confidence has increased in ways I never thought possible. The tools I have learned I will continue to use for the rest of my days.

I highly recommend working with Sridhar and the Mastermind programme.

Shiree Hembrow

Shiree Hembrow

By taking part in the 2020 Mastermind Programme I have achieved financial success, goal achievement and a happier clearer mindset.

I believe by sticking to what I have learned during the programme I will achieve my goal of financial freedom.

I highly recommend Sridhar and the Mastermind programme. It’s a must for anyone who is genuinely committed to achieving success.

Brent Collins

Brent Collins

I highly recommend the Mastermind programme. The programme subject matters and content were designed to ensure I achieved an amazing amount of personal and professional development throughout the year.

In many areas of my life, I have been able to experience significant positive change and progress. I’ve obtained tools that I will take with me and use throughout my life to come. I’m so very grateful to have had the opportunity to take part.

Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas

By following Sridhar’s strategy, we have savings banked that will enable us to get by for at least 3 months without income and are now able to look at next level savings and investment strategies.

The mindset of achieving this is priceless. Given the recent income certainty with COVID there are no sleepless nights around income and a strong desire to protect these gains.

If you have a financial goal and are getting frustrated you are not achieving it I highly recommend attending this seminar

Lynette Anderson

Lynette Anderson

Co-shareholder in Swain Woodham Insurance Group

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