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I have spent almost two years working directly with Sridhar over a range of topics. Personal and career development has been a highlight with Sridhar’s techniques allowing me to thrive in my chosen industry.

An excellent mentor with techniques that win.

Matt Cross

Matt Cross

NZ's Youngest Race Caller

I can not speak highly enough of Sridhar and the Mastermind programme.

For a year prior to joining Mastermind, I worked on a personal programme with Sridhar. Combined with Mastermind, they have transformed many aspects of my life. I have experienced growth in my business and personal life. My confidence has increased in ways I never thought possible. The tools I have learned I will continue to use for the rest of my days.

I highly recommend working with Sridhar and the Mastermind programme.

Shiree Hembrow

Shiree Hembrow

Sridhar’s coaching has been a life-changing experience. He has helped me get clarity around my priorities in my business/career, relationships and finances. Also, he has taught me how to identify and dissolve limiting self-beliefs which stop me from achieving my personal goals in life and business.
I would highly recommend Sridhar to anyone wanting to master the hidden keys to success.
Kristine Bell

Kristine Bell

Founder, Spark It

Sridhar exhibits exemplar professionalism merged with genuine connection and willingness to assist you to reach your true goals (wherever they may be hiding at times!). His Goals Seminar – absolutely fabulous!

Koral Fitzgerald

Koral Fitzgerald

Christchurch, New Zealand