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His financial advise and methods are amazing. I have gone from broke to a profitable business with cash savings. Business opportunities continue to improve due to the mindset Sridhar can help you to achieve.

I would not be where I am today if I had not worked with Sridhar. He gave me tools to get out of depression and increase my business to successful levels. And more importantly, be happy!

I can not recommend Sridhar highly enough and am sure he will get you the results you are after.

Mark Jones

Mark Jones

Harness Racing Trainer and Former World Champion Driver

Through our work, I gained practical tools to help solve any issue.

Professionally, I began to look at problems with less stress, anxiety and fear, allowing for a more constructive and positive approach when troubleshooting.

I would recommend Sridhar to any person, business or administration looking to advance themselves either professionally or personally.

I’ve endorsed him to friends and get the same feedback. They are more productive, creative, successful, decisive and genuinely ‘centred’ after dealing with perceived ‘roadblocks’ that no longer exist. Sridhar is a truly gifted coach, and he comes very highly recommended.

PJ Madam

PJ Madam

Journalist | Co-founder Wildman Films

I have used Sridhar for two different businesses to assist with employee engagement programmes.

The goal was to identify and breakdown blocks that were in the way of staff reaching their potential. After Sridhar’s work, my staff have become more in tune with the company and its needs, confident and sure of their future.

If you are looking for a balanced and engaged workplace, I recommend Sridhar work with your staff. It has been successful for me, and I will continue with his approach in the future.

Mark Guyton

Mark Guyton

Owner Guyton Reinforcing - Christchurch

I have been working with Expand Consulting for almost a year now. I would highly recommend working alongside Sridhar to anyone who wants to see improvements in their life, whether it be business or personal.

I have gained a far greater understanding of myself and my business and look forward to applying many of the techniques I have learned.

Dave Robinson

Dave Robinson

Owner, The IT Department - Christchurch, New Zealand