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I was lucky enough to be recommended to Sridhar from a good friend and it has been life-changing in many ways and all positive.
I had been a world champion yet I walked into Sridhar as a broken depressed person who’s business was declining along with my social and family life.
Sridhar has turned my life around with his unique style of dealing with issues and reversing your thinking in a way that completely works. He is friendly yet determined to get you your best results and pushes you to your limits to achieve your ultimate goal. It truly is life-changing and works.
My outlook and understanding of life are amazing now. I am able to understand and deal with every situation, good or bad, in a good way and my life has opened up to more opportunities and happiness.
His financial advise and methods are amazing. When I stick to them my business turns around from going broke to a profitable business with cash savings, and business opportunities continue to improve due to the mindset Sridhar can help you to achieve. Also the simple things he shows you have massive positives in your business.
I can proudly say I would not be where I am today if I did not meet Sridhar and experienced his work on many levels. I have been given tools to use to get out of depression and increase my business to successful levels and more importantly be happy!
I recommend Sridhar to many people I know and I can not recommend him highly enough and am sure he will get you the results you are after.
Mark Jones

Mark Jones

Harness Racing Trainer and Former World Champion Driver

I first started working with Sridhar in 2013 at a time where there was great transition in both my personal and professional life. The results were astounding. Not only did I set a new path in my personal life but professionally too. Though our work, I was now armed with practical tools to help solve any issue. Professionally, I began to look at problems with less stress, anxiety and fear allowing for a more constructive and positive approach when troubleshooting. Despite being in the business of communication, I’ve developed more skills and learnt more effective strategies with Sridhar than in my working past. Now, I’m entering a new phase of my career where I’ve started my own business. Instead of being worried to be out on my own, I’m now relishing the opportunity to create exactly the kind of media context I want, while having a realistic approach in knowing what my audience might want to hear. I would absolutely recommend Sridhar to any person, business or administration looking to advance themselves either professionally or personally (or both). I’ve endorsed him to friends and get the same feedback. They are more productive, creative, successful, decisive and genuinely ‘centred’ after dealing with perceived ‘road blocks’ that no longer exist. Sridhar is truly gifted coach and he comes very highly recommended.

PJ Madam

PJ Madam

Journalist | Co-founder Wildman Films
Sridhar has been my coach for over 8 months now, and it’s been a life changing experience. Not only has Sridhar helped me get clarity around my priorities in my business/career, relationships and finances, he has also taught me how to identify and dissolve limiting self beliefs stopping me from achieving my personal goals in life and business. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to master the hidden keys to success.”
Kristine Bell

Kristine Bell

Founder, Spark It

I have used Sridhar for 2 different businesses to assist with employee engagement programmes.
The goal of the program was to identify and breakdown blocks that were in the way of staff reaching their potential.

I find with most people there is an instant, distinct change in how challenges are viewed, whether on a work or personal level. With time the learning became deeper, which has lead to equal long term benefits for the business and staff. My staff have become more in tune with the business and its needs, confident and sure of their future.

If you are looking for a balanced and engaged workplace, I recommend Sridhar work with your staff. It has been successful for me and I will continue with his approach in the future.

Mark Guyton

Mark Guyton

Owner Guyton Reinforcing - Christchurch

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