“I would highly recommend attending the Expand Consulting Mastermind programme if you are wanting to grow your business, improve your finances and create the life you dream about.

During the programme, my business has changed significantly in its focus, profitability and most importantly inspirationally. My ability to see beyond limiting beliefs has opened up so many opportunities that I never realized were there.

I can’t wait to see what I can achieve in the next year if what I have experienced in the programme is just the beginning. This programme enables life-long change.”

Scott Stokes - Director/Financial Adviser, Swain Woodham Group
“The Mastermind programme has been a high- powered fast track to discovering what it is I really want in life.

The work I’ve done in the programme has not only given me absolute clarity and focus on where I am headed in all aspects of my life, but I now have an alignment between what I most want to achieve and what I do on a daily basis to make sure I achieve it.

I would recommend people of any age and stage to consider doing this programme. It removes barriers and obstacles and also focuses on dissolving disabling beliefs.

In short, it is a powerful and easy to do, enjoyable course designed to bring out the best in an individual, resulting in success and clarity.”

Rebecca Toone - Real Estate Agent, Ray White Metro
“Regardless of where you are in life or business, Expand’s Mastermind course will make a positive difference.

Blocks I have had in the way have been removed, and I have learned some of the best tools for productivity and development I have ever found.

I met, worked and grew with amazing people from a variety of life circumstances that inspired me and helped me achieve amazing results.

This may sound like a ringing endorsement and it most surely is but it doesn’t come close to truly reflecting the value and life changing impact I experienced and witnessed in others.

If you do this course, you will not regret it.”

Brian Burgess - Partner and Insurance Adviser, Swain Woodham Group
“I would recommend the Mastermind programme to anyone who has a business or project, and is wanting to growth and clarity but is unsure of how to get there. The tools and strategies I learned have been life-changing and have quickly become an integral part of my life.”

Denise Pheloung - Owner, Creative and Co. Interior Design and Home Staging
“Expand’s Mastermind programme is the most comprehensive self-development programme I have come across. By teaching how to dissolve unconscious thinking patterns, you can thoroughly make over the way you experience life, and clear the barriers to achieving what is important to you.

If you are after some serious results in the next 12 months, and you are prepared to do the work – then get enrolled.”

Anna Dungey - Principle Physiotherapist, Les Mills

“I first met Sridhar in 2014. At the time I was closing down a business that I had raised significant capital for and was at an emotional low point.

Since working with Sridhar I have developed a stronger sense of leadership skills, self-belief, and awareness of my own capabilities in all areas of life. His method for personal and professional growth gets results quickly and effectively. He has helped me overcome fears, anxieties, challenges and blockages that were preventing me from moving forward.I now have a two year old company that is turning over six figures and is attracting top level clients.

Having Sridhar as my coach to work with on an ongoing basis means I have been able to reach new goals with much more ease and certainty, no matter how challenging they first seemed.
Investing in personal and professional development with Sridhar has been one of the keys to my on going success and happiness”

Christie Whitehill - CEO, Hatching Lab
“Since working with Sridhar and Expand, I have become a much stronger person both in my personal and professional life. I have developed leadership and management skills, gotten clear on my business plan and broken this down into realistic and achievable goals. I have also become much more financially suave, started various savings and investment accounts and started to develop some previous ideas into additional financial projects.

Over the past year, I have turned my business around, expanded into larger office space, increased turnover, taken on new staff to deal with additional workflow, and started to attract larger clients and contracts.I am delighted to have worked with Expand and have gained immense experience, knowledge and clarity from doing so.

I would recommend working with Sridhar and Expand to anyone wishing to develop their professional and personal lives.”

Declan Murphy - Owner, DM Arch Architects - Bilbao, Spain
"I have seen a dramatic change in my business and personal life from working with Sridhar. My business has seen an increase in sales, profit and staff.

I have also learned the true meaning of financial freedom. In his programme, Sridhar taught the principles, methods and science of financial freedom. I have put them into place and am well on my way to getting there."

Mark Guyton - Owner - Christchurch, New Zealand
“Our business has increased in sales, and staff are more focused and are in line with the company’s values. It is a pleasure to go to work and see the change that is going on within the business.

Our staff have taken on more responsibility and have taken ownership of the day to day running of projects. This has allowed me, as a director, to focus more on partnerships within the industry and growing my network of customers.”

Andrew Greenwood - Business Owner - Christchurch, New Zealand
“I have been working with Expand Consulting for almost a year now and would highly recommend working alongside Sridhar to anyone who wants to see improvements in their life, whether it be business or personal.

I have gained a far greater understanding of myself and my business and look forward to applying many of the techniques I have learned.”

Dave Robinson - Owner, The IT Department - Christchurch, New Zealand
“I have been a client of Sridhar’s for just over two months: the last month in the growth and development program.

As a registered Clinical Psychologist for over 30 years and have worked a lot on my personal growth and development. Whilst these were beneficial, Sridhar’s mastery and clarity of what works in this area has exceeded past experiences.

Specifically unhelpful thoughts I have known about were again identified, but this time the work with Sridhar eliminated them. One example is the longstanding thought I was responsible for my son’s drug abuse.

After working with Sridhar I was free of this thought for the first time in my life. It was a liberating experience. There are other such examples. I have no hesitation in recommending people work with Sridhar if they want extraordinary transformation in their life”

Dr Barbara Tooth - Sydney, Australia
“Since working with Sridhar, my personal relationships have a richer and more satisfying quality than ever before. My finances are more manageable. I’m healthier to the point of the crippling migraines I used to regularly suffer being diminished.

My “mind talk” has changed dramatically. No longer do I have a constant chatter based on the past or the future. I am not saying it has gone completely, but what has taken much of its place is a sense of presence that comes from more time in the present along with a sense of my own responsibility to embrace a truth of living- that I/we are truly responsible for how we feel and perceive and act, and most of all the knowledge that there is a true science of happiness and for those who wish to be masters of their own destiny.

At the risk of understatement, I thoroughly recommend Sridhar and his Expand Consulting project as frankly bloody good value”

Michael McCammon - N.D. (Naturopathic Practitioner) - Christchurch, New Zealand
“I've held a number of beliefs for decades that have inhibited my progress in many aspects of my life, especially career. Working with Sridhar has made be realise these were all just beliefs - not truths. I've put them all to bed.

We also looked at a decision making process that helps clarify the most suitable direction. I had 2 paths to take, A or B but couldn't decide and invariably half committed to each.

Sridhars process clarified my direction - path B was best for me. I'm now settled and focused on that direction, and without the 'what if' distractions. This was time and money well spent.”

Craig Bullivant - Owner, Bullivant Chartered Accounting - Christchurch, New Zealand
“Over the past 5 years I've been heavily involved in a large scale multi-centre IT project that was finally completed last month. In over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, this was easily the most difficult and challenging project I'd worked on. Luckily for me, I was introduced to Sridhar 9 months ago and it is clear to me that my fortnightly sessions with him were critical to my being able to stay with the project to the end and to be able to deal constructively with all of the issues and circumstances that cropped up.

The pressure and stress meant that I would have resigned many months ago, but for the fact that Sridhar's methodology helped me to properly understand people and situations as they really were – not what I was imagining them to be. It was also a key part for me to be able to deal efficiently with the various crises that inevitably occurred on a project of this scale.

Sticking with the project to the end means I can now enjoy the immense satisfaction of completing such a big job and can now move on powerfully to the next opportunity. Without Sridhar's help and wise counsel this would never have happened.”

Andrew Hall - Analyst, Canterbury District Health Board - Christchurch, New Zealand
“I started seeing Sridhar because I have an Interior Design and Home Staging business which I have owned for 18 months and did not have any idea of what I was working towards or what was possible for me. After working with Sridhar for the past 2 months I now have a clear vision of where I want to go and am on a completely different path to where I was when I arrived.

I got to see very clearly I had self-beliefs that were holding me back from reaching my full potential in business and life that got created when I was a child. We worked on dissolving these which then meant I could see what was actually possible for me and my business, and then we worked on strategies to actually make these things happen. So out of all this I now have a clear vision of where I want to be and how to get there, and its way bigger and more exciting than I ever thought possible.

I would highly recommend Sridhar to anyone who wants to move ahead in their life or business but doesn’t know what is in their way, or how to get to where they want to go.”

Denise Pheloung - Owner, Creative & Co. - Christchurch, New Zealand
“Sridhar has been my coach for over 8 months now, and it's been a life changing experience. Not only has Sridhar helped me get clarity around my priorities in my business/career, relationships and finances, he has also taught me how to identify and dissolve limiting self beliefs stopping me from achieving my personal goals in life and business. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to master the hidden keys to success.”

Kristine Bell, Founder, Spark It
“In the short time I have known and connected with Sridhar, he exhibits exemplar professionalism merged with genuine connection and willingness to assist you reach your true goals (wherever they may be hiding at times!).

I attended his  Goals Seminar last week - absolutely fabulous!”

Koral Fitzgerald - Christchurch, New Zealand
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