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At Expand Consulting, I deliver mindset and strategy coaching for businesses and individuals. Mindset and strategy coaching works on varying levels.  I help shape your perspective and actions into powerful and productive ones, across all areas of your business or life. I can work with you or your business in a variety of ways to help you develop the habits and skills to effectively deal with the challenges you encounter and achieve your maximum possible results.

My Story.
Sridhar Krishnamurti

Mindset and Strategy Consultant

My story is unlike most.  For the first half of my life, I largely experienced difficulty and hardship. By my mid-teens, I found myself addicted to drugs, and by my early twenties I ended up destitute and homeless. Now,  life is a very different for me – having long gained freedom from addictions, I have a successful business, a wonderful marriage and family, a life that I love and most importantly a feeling of inner peace and inspiration.

I broke free from my past and dedicated a large part of my life to learning and education.  I became insatiably curious as to what makes people tick and how can we can transform our results and fulfil our true potential. For over 20 years,  I have been dedicated to assisting businesses and individuals to experience profound shifts in their levels of growth and success. During this time I have worked across the globe facilitating seminars, speaking, delivering intensive courses, as well as working one on one with clients.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Education and Philosophy and a Diploma in Business to name a few. My mission is helping businesses and individuals to experience life changing results, and fulfilling their maximum potential across all areas.


one on one professional coaching


Creating business success

Are you looking to resolve a challenge?  Increase your levels of productivity and engagement? Do you have a conflict you want to resolve?  Are you looking to grow your business? Or perhaps take your wealth to a new level?

If it is your turn for success, then let’s talk.

Fill in this quick questionnaire (It will take less than two minutes to complete) and in return I will provide a 15-30-minute no obligation consultation.
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one on one personal coaching


Get the most out of life

Do you feel stressed or anxious? Want to improve or enhance your personal life; relationships, mental wellbeing, or finding inspired direction? Are you dealing with a loss or grief?  Life throws many surprises at us and while we cannot predict the outcome of situations, we can take control of how we respond and change our destiny.

Get a 15- 30 minutes free consultation by simply filling out the quick questionnaire to get started.
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mastermind programme


12 month programme

The Mastermind programme is a 12-month commitment where you work alongside other members of the group, as well as on your own, and have the option to attend exclusive seminars throughout the year.

In this programme, you’ll experience transformational changes in many aspects of your life and business.  Just imagine what could happen with 12 months of dedicated training with other like-minded professionals!
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seminars and workshops



Throughout the year I offer a variety of seminars on various topics which can include financial freedom, inspiration clarity of directions, maximising productivity and efficiency, and empowering mindset. Are you looking for seminars and workshops that inspire you or kick start you? Or ones where you gain highly effective tools and strategies that you can put in place immediately?  

Take a more in-depth look at the series of seminars I offer and reserve your space today.  
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conferences and keynote speaking


Engaging motivator

Are you looking for a professional guest speaker to engage and inspire your staff, clients or suppliers?

Or, perhaps you want to run a workshop for your staff or professional peers that either inspires, develops greater productivity, helps with time management or even conflict resolution.

With over 20 years’ experience, I can deliver a unique and tailored made presentation for your event that will create the desired results.
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professional development


In house training

As a business owner or manager, you want your employees to be happy while also being invested in your goals. You want them to get excited about creating success, to be motivated and engaged, to be loyal, and to contribute to your workplace culture. Your employees will not be these things if you don’t invest in them.

I offer tailor made professional development workshops, and classes. Let’s talk about how we can work together to achieve the high-performing work-force you want
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“Sridhar has shown me how to use every experience of life, whether good or bad, to my greatest advantage, As a result, with every session I appreciate myself more and I have had life changing results in all areas of my life”

Tim Noonan -
Award winning filmmaker and television presenter

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