10 Qualities of Top Professionals

"In over 20 years of working with top professionals across all sectors, I’ve noticed a common thread with the most successful."

Sridhar Krishnamurti

Sridhar Krishnamurti

Clarity, Mindset & Strategy Consultant

Top Professionals:

  1. Either get or are very clear on what they want to achieve, with great specificity. They have an explicit and workable plan to get their desired results.
  2. Invest in themselves and their growth. They have an open and enquiring mind and constantly look for and get specialized help from those more knowledgeable in the areas where there are gaps.
  3. Develop daily practices to keep a healthy mindset (i.e. reading, meditation, personal development, exercise)
  4. Have or find ways to keep their mindset strong, to deal with or dispel the doubts and fears that plague us all.
  5. Have a strong 'Why' which keeps them getting up in the morning to do what it takes to achieve their desired result.
  6. Have or find a way to manage their emotions.
  7. Know themselves and have a high degree of self-awareness. They don't seek to blame others and always look in the mirror first.
  8. Have a degree of humility and respect for what they can’t control. They see the value of people, what they have to contribute and how it can all be put together for a great outcome.
  9. See obstacles as positive challenges or, even better, as opportunities to achieve more.
  10. Are willing to do whatever it takes and never give up!

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