2-Minute Tip # 1: Mind State

What does a human being have in common with a radio?

Clarity and Mindset Consultant Sridhar Krishnamurti explains in this 2-minute ‘Tip for Your Success’ how your mind is like a radio which you can change.

At first glance, you may think “really nothing!”

But think about when you get in your car and you turn on the radio and you get certain music or talking.

And then, when you change that station, of course, the music and the talking changes.

What’s happening behind the scenes is you’re actually tuning in to a different radio frequency which is downloading different information through radio waves.

So you might ask: “What does that have to do with being a human being?”

Well, human beings are doing the same thing, we often just don’t realise it. And we’re doing it through our mind state.

Before you go “Woah, wait a second!”, Just for a moment think about the person in your life that complains the most and look and see if they don’t get or attract the most things to complain about all the time. And now think about the person that you feel is lucky and they just seem to always have something happening that’s great for them. Really investigate their mind state, and you will find they keep it in a strong place.

A number of things can affect mind stat. It can just be mired in things that are not important. Or certain things that are going on in our life. It can be patterns of debilitating thoughts and behaviours.

So beginning to change this is something that can have a massive impact on your success!

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