2-Minute Tip #2: The Silent Killer of Dreams

In this 2-minute tip, Clarity and Mindset Expert Sridhar Krishnamurti talks about the first step to overcoming these silent killers of dreams.

The Silent Killer (aka SKD)

In all the years I have been a Coach Consultant the number 1 reason I see people not achieving their goals and dreams is limiting debilitating thoughts.

You’ll know the ones like: “I’m not good enough to do that.” “I won’t make that call because they might reject me” or “I’m not going to try that because I might fail!”

We can struggle over the top of that with action but that is just what it becomes a struggle.

A far more effective way is to address these beliefs on the level they exist in the subconscious mind.

There are great techniques to deal with this

The first step is to become aware and identify what these limiting thoughts are that are stopping us from achieving our dreams and goals.

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