2-Minute Tip #3: Beliefs that limit Financial Freedom

How to Stop Unconscious Limiting Beliefs from Impacting Your Financial Freedom

This tip is to do with financial freedom and mindset

In years of teaching a seminar on how to become financially free, it has occurred to me that the vast majority of people want to achieve financial freedom.

Yet, if we look honestly we'll see that only a small fraction of people actually achieve the financial freedom we all want.

One of the main reasons for this is mindset. Or limiting beliefs that we took on and may not even realise that we took them on.

When I was a child I wanted a really special lunchbox that cost a bit more than the others. When my mother took me to the shop, I pointed out the one that I wanted and she turned to me and said: "Son, we can't afford that one, you'll have to choose another one."

I now know, looking back, that my parents had five children to raise, and my mother was just doing some smart budgeting. But what I actually heard her say was: "Son, we're poor!"

We weren't poor, but that's what I heard. And that had a major impact on my life for years after.

Until I discovered and did some mindset work on dissolving that limiting belief it really impacted, and put a plateau, as to the money that I could achieve.

Recently, I was with a client and we were working on their business and financial growth. We were in a cafe and as we were leaving a person drove by in a really flash car. Without thinking, my client turned to me and said, "I bet that person is a jerk!"

It stopped me in my tracks because I realised that the very thing they wanted when they say it, they judged it.

If you're not achieving the financial freedom that you desire, or feel that there is a limit and you keep trying one of the key things to do is to really look deep and see what limiting beliefs around money might be in your mindset.

And make sure to become aware, and start to work to dissolve that so that you can achieve the financial freedom that you really desire.

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