Cutting through the C^@p on Success Strategies

Why most Goals and New Year's Resolutions don't work

I’ve dedicated 30 years to learning and testing strategies for success from many of the world’s leading minds. Some have worked incredibly well. Many more have left me disappointed. Out of this, I have developed a ‘CTTC’ mentality, cutting through the crap!

Each year millions of people make – and then break – their New Year Resolutions. Most people, most years, don’t last. And then they beat themselves up about it!

If you want to be successful in your resolutions and goals this year, you’ll need to get honest with yourself on what outcomes you are really committed to achieving. They need to be important enough for you to follow through on.

The reason most resolutions and goals fail is that they are not the right ones. Think about it for a moment. If there is a goal you really want to achieve, you’ll be naturally motivated to achieving it.

Ask Yourself these Important Questions:
  1. Am I fully aware of what it will take to achieve my goals?
  2. Am I dedicated and prepared to do all it takes to achieve my goals?
Prioritising Your Goals

In anything that you want to achieve, there is always something required to achieve it. For instance, to succeed with a goal to lose weight, you need to commit to changing habits, stick to a healthy diet and a programme of regular exercise. The weight isn’t going to fall off all by itself, you have to put in consistent effort and make some sacrifices. It’s the same with every goal, whether it be to save for a vacation, increase business profits, or achieve financial freedom.

If you aren’t fully aware of what it takes to achieve your goal or resolution and don’t understood and make provision in your life to face the challenges associated with it, it’s not a real goal or resolution – it’s a pipe dream!

Many people get caught in a wave of temporary enthusiasm at the start of the year and then end up disappointed and frustrated. However, If you are clear on what you are willing to pay the price to achieve, and are fully aligned with your desired outcomes, then success is all but guaranteed.

"In over 20 years of working with top professionals across all sectors, I’ve noticed a common thread with the most successful."

Sridhar Krishnamurti

Sridhar Krishnamurti

Clarity, Mindset & Strategy Coach

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