The Transformative Power of Mindset

Looking around, you’ll often hear the word “mindset” when discussing making changes in your home or professional life.

Business leaders have mindset coaches, top athletes have mindset coaches, and people in high-performance roles have mindset coaching.

Now nearly everyone is beginning to realise the power of the mind and how it can help or hinder our desire to make changes. With a mind that is aligned with our true purpose and desires,  we can feel more content and fulfilled and powerfully achieve the things that we want.

I've experienced our mindset's power both in working for and against us.

In my own life, changing my mindset changed everything.

Earlier in my life, I went through a very difficult period of time. And I realised later that was largely due to my mindset. Stories I told myself and beliefs that came from this.

The turnaround moment in my life was a simple but powerful mindset shift.

Working with clients over the past 30 years, I've also seen the difference that they can make in every aspect of their lives when they change their mindset.

Over these years, I’ve found that the three main elements that make up the road to success are clarity, mindset and effective strategy.

You can discover more about clarity by reading the blog.

In this blog, I’ll be sharing how powerful your mindset can be. So you can use it  to turn your life into whatever you want it to be - rather than letting it limit your possibilities.

Mindset - What you need to know

Before we get started, here are some important things to know about mindset. (The “too long, didn’t read” version).

  • Mindset is the most important part of creating success.
  • Mindset involves both conscious and unconscious patterns.
  • We are often largely unaware of what stops us from living our greatest potential.
  • Awareness is the key - understanding our limiting patterns and what to do about them.
  • And then, we can work on aligning our minds with the outcomes we desire.

The importance of mindset

Mindset is the most important component to creating success because where the mind is focused is where we create our results.

Focus on the wrong things (even unconsciously), and you’ll get results you may not want.

But when we align our minds with the confidence that we can do what we want, we have an immensely powerful tool at our disposal.

Here are ways you can use your mindset to your advantage.

1. You can change your mind

It is possible to change your mind, it doesn't matter where it is.

Over the years, I've worked with people like me who have been very, very low. They believed at the start that there wasn't any possibility that things could get better for them. But they too found that the mind can change.

Saying that that's worth it is an extreme understatement because it can change everything in your life.

2. The thoughts that influence you

There are two elements of the mind - the conscious and the unconscious elements.

Conscious thoughts are those that we’re aware of. They’re ticking off the to-do tasks in our head, thinking about a presentation we’re going to give or daydreaming about a holiday.

The unconscious element is the thoughts we're not aware of. And this is the one that actually works against us the most.

In life, we form beliefs, or what I call identities, about who we are, our lives and our prospects. These beliefs are often not helpful to us. They’re the thoughts that may say, “I'm not good enough”, “I can't do that”, “They're better than me at it”, “I'm not worthy of what I want”, or “I don't deserve what I want.”

There's a whole range of different beliefs that human beings have that we may not be consciously aware that we are believing a lot (or even all) of the time.

The trickiest thing about this is these thoughts are unconscious. And we really have to work diligently to become aware that they're there.

And,  we have to be aware of what they are and how they are impacting us to achieve what we want from life.

Awareness is key

Self-awareness is such an important part of mindset.

Often, we're focused outwardly on what's not going right in life, what break we're not getting, or how someone is stopping us.

For most people, most of the time, we don't stop and look within and check what's going on in our mind.

For all these years, I've discovered that I am the only one at the end of the day who can become aware of and shift my mind.

My thoughts and beliefs are the only ones that can stop me.

Others can provide challenges and barriers, but with the right mindset, we can get past any of those and continue on the journey of achieving all the things that we want.

Aligning our mind with our goals

We can absolutely have the things that we want to achieve in our life.

But two things can stop this from happening.

We can stop ourselves from seeing it because we are too afraid or won't even allow ourselves to truly get clear about what we want.

Otherwise, if we do really know what we want, but our minds are not aligned with it, we will just sabotage our efforts. We will create a lot of struggle where struggle doesn't really need to exist.

Aligning our minds with the desired outcomes requires training. And this helps us be one with the feeling that we can do it.

And when things come up that are contrary to that, we need to have some powerful things that we can do to get out of that negative mindset quickly.

How to change your mindset

  • Mindset is a practice. It’s not something that you just have and it's done. It's a practice that we develop, it's a way of thinking and a way of being.
  • Intentionally find ways to identify and dissolve the impact of the limiting beliefs we have
  • Use visualisation -  true visualisation means accessing the feeling state of having what we want and believing that we already have it. We get ourselves into that feeling state of knowing that we can have it or feeling what it's like to have it instead of wanting it and pushing it away.

The Expand Community

If you found this information helpful, come and explore the Explore Community. This is where I help people transform their mindset and create the most fulfilling and powerful life they can. We apply all these tools we’ve been talking about, so you can make a difference in your life and the world around you.

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