Tip for Your Success #10: Clarity vs Spontaneity

In over twenty-five years of studying the Secrets to Success, there are two very distinct camps.

Some of the places that I went to seemed to say that if you want to be successful, then get very clear about what you want. Set some goals, write them down be really clear, and completely head towards them. That made so much sense to me.

And then I went to another camp and that was the opposite. They said, don’t make plans, be spontaneous, live in the moment. And, when I was there, I thought this sounds really right too.

So, for a period of time, I went back and forth. Which one of these camps is right? Is it about clarity? Or is it about just being able to be in the moment?

I went back and forth until I realised, they’re both right.

The best way to go to success is the marriage of those two camps

If we are not clear about where we want to go, then we don’t have a real clear pathway or destination that we are seeking.

Yet, at the same time, if we are not able to be in the moment and be adaptable to things that were unforeseen, then we won’t be able to handle them, we become too rigid.

So, if you want to be really successful do be very clear about what you want.

Be ready and willing to change when that’s called for.

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