Tip for Your Success #5: Authentic Vision and Mission Statements

How well does your company's mission statement fulfill its purpose? Or is it just a fancy-looking plaque on the wall?

In Success Tip #5, Expand clarity, strategy & mindset expert Sridhar Krishnamurti takes you through the real purpose of a mission statement in under 2 minutes.

Tip #5 is for business owners and concerns authentic vision

One of the key drivers in business success is a mission statement. Yet my experience working with companies, whether large or small, is that most of them miss the actual purpose of a mission statement.

The real purpose of a mission statement is to inspire - to be a call to action from within

Yet, when I start working with companies, the vast majority of their mission statements just sound good and end up being a plaque on the wall that doesn't really speak to anyone and doesn't call anyone into action.

Recently I worked with a company with two owners, and they had had a mission statement that they were operating on and creating satisfactory results.

When they came to see me, they wanted to find out what did they want to do for the rest of their time in business. We dug deep to find out what was their inspiration. What were they really in it for, and what was going to inspire them every day to be able to achieve by the time that they were done?

This exercise has had a transformational impact on their company and on their vision and has led to exponential results.

If you want to create a business mission statement that's going to serve its purpose for you or your company, you really need to find one that's going to be a call to action from within. An authentic vision statement will naturally inspire you to do the actions that are going to take you and your company where you really want to go.

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