3 Habits of the Wealthy you can Adopt

Anyone can Google “habits of the wealthy” and find that these people commonly have a routine that includes daily exercise, early rising, and surrounding themselves with knowledge and positivity. But if it was that simple, we’d all be wealthy. They also have specific habits in regards to work ethic and money management and, despite what we see in the media, are most often not the flashy people we associate wealth with.

What wealthy people aren’t:

90% of wealthy people are not Hollywood manufactured types. They are people who live unobtrusive lives. They don’t necessarily drive the flashiest cars or sport all the latest fashions, gadgets or electronics.

Wealthy people know they don’t have all the knowledge and answers so they surround themselves with others that fill those gaps. They continually seek to extend their knowledge by working with mentors and coaches who help them stay focused, self-aware and knowledgeable. Building the right relationships and pursuing the right opportunities is a key focus.

Wealthy people:
  • don’t work for money. They are inspired enough by what they do that it makes them lots of money.
  • are dedicated to learning more. They know they don’t have all the knowledge and answers.
  • focus on building relationships.
  • take responsibility and are not afraid to fail.

In over 20 years working with top professionals across all sectors, I’ve noticed a common thread with the most successful, they all:
1. Invest in themselves and their growth by looking for specialised and high-level knowledge.
2. Discover and mine their unique gifts and talents to succeed.
3. See obstacles as positive challenges and opportunities to achieve more.

Sridhar Krishnamurti

Sridhar Krishnamurti Mindset & Clarity Consultant

3 Habits of the Wealthy you can Adopt

1. Clarity:

  • Get clear on your destiny and goals.
  • Find your strong “why” that gets you up in the morning to do what it takes to achieve your desired result
  • Invest in yourself and your growth. Seek help from those with knowledge in critical areas.
  • Look after your mental and physical health with regular exercise and sleep.

2. Mindset:

  • Establish daily practices to keep a healthy mindset such as reading, meditating, and personal development exercises.
  • Surround yourself with positive support to keep your mindset strong. This will help you to dispel the doubts and fears that will creep in from time to time.
  • Develop an opportunity mindset focussed around a can-do attitude. See obstacles as positive challenges or even better, opportunities to achieve more
  • Go after your dreams and never give up.

3. Financial Strategy:

Begin by taking full responsibility for your life and your financial situation.

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