Life Coaching: Why It's Not the Complete Solution You Think It Is

If you’re looking for answers in a busy and often distracting world or facing doubts and external pressures, you may search for someone to help you achieve your desired goals and self-improvement.

People often ask me, "Sridhar, are you a life coach?" or assume that I'm a life coach. My initial response is “no”. I’m not a “life” coach because everyone’s “life” is different so people’s needs are different.

I believe the role of any good coach is to help people find their own answers within themselves in terms of who they are and what their life should be about.

In this blog, I’ll explore why life coaching, even with a self-improvement focus, may not be the all-in-one solution you might think it is. And what to look for instead.

What is “life” coaching?

A life coach is a professional trained to help individuals set and achieve specific self-improvement goals by providing guidance, support, and accountability. Life coaches use various techniques to help clients gain clarity, overcome obstacles, and take actionable steps towards their objectives.

The limits of life coaching

Life coaching is often seen as a powerful way to improve yourself, but it's important to know that it has its limits.

Unfortunately, the premise with life coaching often implies that people seek a life coach because they lack confidence in their lives and believe someone else knows more about their life than they do.

This is a flawed starting point.

No one knows your life better than you do. However, there may be obstacles to finding that clarity or achieving self-improvement.

One thing I've learned is that the questions you ask are more critical than the knowledge you acquire.

It’s the types of questions you ask that determine the direction of your life.

The role of questions in self-discovery

Traditional life coaching may not address the mental patterns or past stories that block people.

I often talk about the unconscious mind or what I call the "underworld," which can work against us. It may tell us we can't do something or make us fear rejection or failure, sabotaging our success.

The search for clarity amidst confusion

These underlying thought patterns may also stop us from finding true clarity.

So, even if people find their goals, they might not be any more satisfied because those goals may not align with their true desires.

The shortcomings of traditional life coaching approaches

Life coaching has limitations, in my view, because people seek answers and solutions. But someone else’s answers and solutions don’t necessarily  give them what they want. Because traditional life coaching operates from a limited mindset, it often falls short in this regard.

What does give them what they really want is assisting them to discover their own inner truth and depth of questioning.

You can read more about our mindset and specifically our unconscious patterns in this blog.

Clearing mental blocks for lasting success

To achieve lasting clarity and success, we need to clear these mental blocks and continue seeking clarity. Then you’re in a position to make real changes to your professional and personal life.

You can achieve what you desire.

But, it takes work, self-awareness, and breaking free from limiting beliefs and outer influences.

It involves understanding your true purpose and passions, along with the tools to navigate change and maintain clarity.

Finding the right coach

Discernment is crucial when seeking answers. Not all teachings or coaches are effective, so you should look for tangible results and progress.

The key is to find teachings and teachers that resonate and empower you to live your best life.

If you prioritise self-awareness, discernment, and finding teachings that lead to real transformation, you have the potential to achieve your desires with the right guidance.

The Expand Community

If you found this information helpful, come and explore the Explore Community. This is where I help people transform their mindset and create the most fulfilling and powerful life they can. We apply all these tools we’ve been talking about, so you can make a difference in your life and the world around you.

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